Title Card

  • Created by: Ty Junior
  • Genre: Drama; Mystery
  • Starring: See Cast List
  • Style: Narrative Prose
  • Status: Active; Re-Runs
  • Run-Time: Monthly

About Mysteries of Our Lives

The Mysteries of Our Lives (MOOL) is an online, serialized webfic drama created and written by Ty Junior. Originally titled "Spring of the Killer," MOOL premiered on March 5, 2001 as a daily e-series. The premise of the webseries follows the tortured and fledging romance of Leonard Stone--a charming, but weak-minded gatekeeper (of the wealthy Pierre Estate) who struggles with fidelity--and Rochelle Desmores--a principled, career-driven young woman with fairytale aspirations for her life with Leonard. Instead, mere days after she discovers him in bed with her best friend (Lacreasha Dupree), Leonard is found shot dead in his hotel room. The murder investigation would span three and half seasons, leaving a trail of pain and destruction in its wake.

In addition to Leonard and Rochelle's ill-fated romance, MOOL tackled a wide-range of stories dealing with domestic violence, secrets and vendettas, death and bereavement, and psychic phenomenons. Modelled after traditional daytime soap operas, MOOL tells the story of love, mystery and deception in the fictional city of Hallandale, MA. The webseries has published over 300 episodes in a series of chapters/seasons.

In 2012, MOOL went on an extended hiatus. In March 2022, the series began re-publishing its sixth season. MOOL's Summer of Seasonal Eruption is characterized as a period of restructuring for the webseries as it returns to its roots. To that end, readers would gradually begin to see the webfic refocus around its core families--the Desmores, Keller, Lombard, Pierre and Pryce families.

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