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  • Created by: Ty Junior
  • Genre: Drama; Mystery
  • Starring: See Cast List
  • Style: Narrative Prose
  • Status: Active; Re-Runs
  • Run-Time: Monthly

Core Families

Set in fictional Hallandale, Massachusetts, Mysteries of Our Lives launched on March 5, 2001. With over 300 episodes produced, Hallandale has been home to many characters and families over the last decade. Below, you can explore the family tree of the city's core families.

*Note: A red slash indicates the character is deceased. A red union line means both characters were never married.

The Desmores/Stone Family

Desmores/Stone Family Tree Rachel Hatcher Leo Stone, Sr. Akeira Smith Mitchell Desmores Rochelle Desmores Leonard Stone, Jr. Dean Stone

Matriarch Rachel Hatcher Stone has four children: eldest son Mitchell Desmores, identical twins Leonard (deceased) and Dean Stone, and daughter Rochelle Desmores.

Rachel resides in Coral Springs with Leonard and Dean's father, Leo Stone. Her eldest son is married to reform opportunist, Akeira Smith. Mitchell and Akeira returned to Hallandale to raise her son, Roy Desmores II.

The Pierre/Sharrington Family

Pierre/Sharrington/Smith Family Tree Mitchell Desmores Akeira Smith Alexander Pierre Kyle Sharrington Widlin Pierre Rocky Santana Taneia Ralston Trey Pierre

Patriarch Leopold Pierre and his wife had two children: Alexander and Trey (via adoption). Leopold was a highly successful news mogul, responsible for the launch of Massachusetts trashiest news rag. He groomed Alexander to take over leadership. Alexander married his first and only wife in the late 60s. The couple had one daughter, Widlin. His first son, Kyle Sharrington, was the result of an extramarital affair that nearly ended his marriage.

In late spring of 2001, Alexander embarked on a short-lived romance with Akeira Smith. After their messy break-up, Akeira learned she was pregnant with Alexander's son, Roy II. She has a second son, Rocky Santana, from her first marriage.

Akeira Smith is also the first cousin of Taneia Ralston. Taneia was romantically involved with Kyle Sharrington, and Darron Wolek. She married Darron and had a daughter, Taja Wolek. Taja died mysteriously within six months of her life. The Wolek's marriage did not survive the loss.

The Pryce Family

Pyrce Family Tree Matthew Pryce Earl Pryce Dalia Savoy Jason Savoy

Harrison Pryce and his wife had two sons, Earl and Matthew. Harrison was a gifted man with a sixth sense for the paranormal. He pass the gift on to his youngest son, Matthew. Harrison's commitment to paranormal causes prompted Lena to seek comfort in the arms of family friend, Royce Keller, Sr. When the affair hit the news rags, both families were torn apart.

Harrison threw himself into a huge paranormal case, and was killed in a freak car accident a few weeks later. Nearly five years after his father's death, Earl married his high school sweetheart, Dalia Savoy, and had one child, Jason.

The Keller/Lombard Family

Keller/Lombard Family Tree Royce Keller, Jr. Samantha Keller Lombard Brock Lombard, Jr. Ralph Lombard Dana Lombard

The Keller/Lombards are an extension of the marriage of Samantha Keller and Brock Lombard. Brock has three siblings: eldest sister Ceanna (deceased), brother Ralph, and youngest sister Dana. Brock's wife, Samantha Keller, has one older brother, Royce.